We offer the highest level of instruction found anywhere.  We offer classes of instruction for all ages and ability levels.  Our tumbling classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes long and focus heavily on stretching and conditioning.  Our instructor/student ratio is 1:8.  Individual instruction is the foundation on which our program is built. Prices are listed for each class type, but we do offer discounts for enrolling in multiple programs or with multiple children.  You can join a class at any point during the year as our classes are on-going 12 months a year with no specific registration period.  We will pro-rate to your start date.  Join today!!


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Classes - 1 to 9 of 9

icon Tumble Tots (Pre-school Program)

These classes are designed to teach children how to follow directions, get physically fit and socialize with their peers.  The classes emphasize the handstand and the backbend to give the child a good foundation of proper tumbling skills.  Activites include drills, creative movement and games.  ($60/month)

icon Jumps and Motions Try-out Preparation Class

This class is designed to get you ready for your upcoming try-outs.  The class will focus on flexibilty, jumps, motions and dance.   Please call the front desk for registration.  770-418-9550

icon Flyer Flexibility Class

A must for every potential flyer.  This class focuses on stretching, strength and body positions needed by flyers.

icon Flyer Stunt Class

Class working on flying skills of all types. Whether you cheer All-Girl or Co-Ed, this class will help with tightness and general stunting technique.

icon Level I Tumbling

Working on basics of body control and body position.  Progressions for a back handspring are taught and drilled.  Cartwheels, round-offs, backbends, handstands and walkovers are the focus.  This is our beginning tumbling class.

icon Level II Tumbling

Class focuses on use and control of momentum by progressing with skills learned at Level I. Standing backhandspring series and roundoff backhandspring series will be perfected at this level.

icon Level III Tumbling

Students have mastered series of backhandsprings (both standing & running). Back tucks are introduced at this level. Standing tumbling will focus on standing back tucks and backhandspring back tucks. Skills from level 1 and 2 will be incorporated into level 3 passes.

icon Level IV Tumbling

Standing tucks and jump tucks are drilled at this level.    Running layouts are taught and perfected.  Aerial cartwheel/front walkover tricks are incorporated into specialty passes.    

icon Level V Tumbling

Students have mastered the standing tuck, backhandspring back tuck, and running layout. Standing tumbling connects jumps to tucks and running tumbling works fulls, double fulls, and specialty passes.

Classes - 1 to 9 of 9