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Tim Long- JayHawk parent of 3!


I wanted to send you a quick note thank you for everything you and your staff do. I wanted to let you all know the appreciation I have for you and your staff.

As I look back at this weekend I am amazed that every one of the Jayhawk teams placed so high in a competition of 466 plus teams. I don't know of many Gyms that can say that. Congratulations to you and your staff on preparing these kids to perform on that level! I hope that accomplishment is recognized by all.  I know from being a coach in the past, and an athlete at the Division 1 level for football, sometimes it is hard to be pleased with anything but 1st place.

We came from a small Gym of 2 teams and 27 total kids. I was concerned of moving from a small family atmosphere to a BIG gym and my kids just being a number. Through the past 8 months those concerns are gone, especially after this weekend.  We know we made the right move to become part of the Jayhawks family....and family it is. I heard several new parents make the same comment this weekend. The coaches and staff truly care about these kids... from Mitch, a high school kid, carrying ashton down the stairs when he cut his knee open, to Coach Jami turning to Mary Cate to provide some help when she came in the gym to work on her layouts. Jamie didn't have to say anything to her as she was teaching a tumbling class at the time.  Donna at the front desk that takes the time to learn or try to learn every kid and their parents name. Those little things don't go unnoticed by me and I hope others.

Thank you to you and your staff for making the investment in our kids.

Go Jayhawks!

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Tim Long