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A New JayHawk Mom 2009

Saturday was a wonderful experience for our family. My daughter Jessica Dusek is on your junior white squad.  We work really hard and are sacrificing in order to send her to your gym. Of course winning is good, but the way all our squads performed and how great our gym looked (uniform, makeup, hair, performance,sportsmanship, and supporting each other) was what really made it a great experience.  I feel we have the best coaches, choreography, music, and leadership.  I have already spoken to you about sending my other daughter next year and she is very excited to be a part of the CDA family.  I also own a business and know how this is your whole life.  I also took my 3 children with me to work when they were little and love that your gym is a family business.  We appreciate how you are training our girls.

Thank You
Jennifer Lofton