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Donya Abel- Mill Creek

Hi Kelly,

I am a coach for Mill Creek Association and came to the stunt clinic tonight. I just wanted you to know that it was the best clinic I have been to! Granted I have only been to a handful however, you and your staff were by far the best! You guys made everyone feel they could ask anything without feeling that their questions were not the most intelligent. I was so impressed by the friendly, helpful, and positive professionals you presented to us. Not only were they all willing to help us, they were ready to happily stay with us until we felt like we were comfortable with the stunt. Not once did I get the impression that your staff was there just because they needed to get a paycheck (which happened at the last clinic I went to). The caring and friendly atmosphere continued to follow me as I left the building. I had at least 5 or more staff members say “goodnight and thanks for coming” to me when I left. That’s the kind of place I want my child to be around. There are many gyms out there closer to me however I plan on bringing my daughter to sign her up at your gym due to the positive experience I had.

Once again, thank you and your staff for making a night I wasn’t looking forward to (based on past experience), into a wonderful, informative and positive experience!

Thanks so much,

Donya Abel

Mill Creek 7th grade coach