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Testimony from a 1st season JayHawks mom!

Hello Kelly! Thank you so much for your vision, love, and desire to see others love the sport of cheerleading! My daughter is XXX and she absolutely loves Jayhawks!  This past year, we had to have our daughter tutored. She was struggling with reading, writing, and well just could not seem to grow up and get going. Needless to say, you can only imagine how hard this was for this mom. After all, I'm a teacher. Aren't those kids supposed to get it academically? We joined Jayhawks and found a family. She belonged to everyone's group..every coach...every team...every tumbling class. Her level didn't matter. Her size didn't matter. She was accepted no matter what. Celebrations erupted when she got the back bend. The whole gym was ecstatic and cheering when she kicked over. I can't even begin to tell you what this did for her confidence. With lots of prayer and work, her little body and her brain began to work together. Something happened within her that took root. She began excelling in school as she did in the gym. Jayhawks became so important to her development as a person! I just cannot tell you how appreciative I am that she was so important to your coaches and your staff as if she'd been there a long time. This team, her friends, her athletic training, her coaches, and her confidence took her to now being above grade level in school. I know this may not be your normal email but I wanted you to know that your vision and love for this sport has done something in my child that affects her every day. You all are creating a complete package deal and I am praying that God blesses you immensely, that He grants you His unfailing love, resources, staff, and hearts with pure motives so that you can continue to bless the lives of boys and girls in Duluth, Auburn, and yes, now Grayson! Praise Him above who is the giver of every good gift!!!