Grayson Gym

Welcome to #teamgrayson of the ATLANTA JAYHAWKS program.  We are thrilled to offer our third location in Grayson, GA to better serve our customers.  Our classes will begin May 1, 2015.  All classes until then will remain under the direction of Future Extreme in that location.  We will update our website by April 13th with information on how to accept our policies online.  We do not anticipate major changes in the class schedule so your child won't miss a beat if they are currently a FE athlete. 

If you are NEW to the Grayson location we are so glad you will be joining us in our journey to build stronger athletes with admirable character in our community!  Please check back April 13th for updates on getting starting in the Atlanta JayHawks program!  If you have any question before then please email us at

See you soon!

JayHawks Staff

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